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brief introduction:


  tianfon mobile hotel has unique advantage and integrated by single container house, the structure is strong , flexible and fashionable, energy-saving and environment friendly and convenient to install and move, it is the first choice for tourism industry, scenic hotel and fashion stores.


  indoor decorate style can meet your more costly to imagine, everything is prepared such as timber floor, windows and doors, lighting, switch socket, exhaust fan and air conditioning. neat and beautiful, safe and convenient save worry save time and effort.

  tianfon mobile hotel use light steel as skeleton, polyurethane sandwich panel as cladding material. good insulation and sound proof. module assembly between single container units. container unit is connected by bolts. hard structure and fast installation. it is suitable for the slope hilly grassland desert river environment, etc. space layout is flexible, can meet your individual needs.

product character:


  ? fast installation: pre-assembled in factory and hoisting splicing on site.

  ? quickly integrated: component parts are high integration, out-of-the-box.

  ? fast moving: can be repeatedly disassembling quickly, the overall relocation is convenient.

  ? to save time: shorten the construction of more than 60% of the time limit for a project

  ? labor saving: replace the human construction site with factory operations, save 70% of the construction cost, scene control is convenient, guarantee the construction quality and safety.

  ? save trouble: simple establish procedures, easy to handle.

  ? comfort: star hotel standard design and decoration, comfortable and livable.

  ? practical: diversified space and layout design, meet the demand of leisure office entertainment function.

  ? fitness: personalized decoration can merge with various environmental and cultural styles.

  ? low carbon buildings, green environmental protection

  ? zero construction waste to the construction site

  ? main material can be recycled

  ? build overhead construction, does not destroy the ecological.

project application cases

xinjiang ha bear ditch resort project


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