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integrated house
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brief introduction

henan tianfon has developed integrated house by panel system, metallic polyurethane sandwich panel is the major product system. it covers integrated villa, civil building, herders housing and public house etc. it divided to pu panel integrated house and container integrated house.


to improve the safety and of comfort integrated home, formed a self-contained house wall and roof, door and window, decoration materials and other building materials component system, it can separate the whole building, combined with any simple traditional or new building materials and components. implements like making cars built house mode of production shift.





  1.use new type insulation wall panel and metallic roof system, thermal insulation, sound proof, fire retardant, moisture proof.

  2.use new energy-saving panel and precise formed galvanized profile as a structural system, prevent damage by worms and moisture. and environment friendly, don't need a building, without destroying the vegetation, the structure and decorates are finished in one step.

  4.anti-shock and wind proof, light steel frame to improve the overall strength of the building.

  5.developed yu panel integrated solar photovoltaic panel, save electricity and reduce energy consumption.

  6.beautiful appearance, in order to increase the decoration and heat preservation effect, adopt double combined roof tile.

  7.the factory prefabrication, the combination of the construction site for installation, fast installation speed, low labor costs

  8.individualized residential homes, can be designed and manufactured according to the buyers requirements design and manufacture.

project case



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