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pile foundation support
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installation of pile foundation support form 

according to different geological features, such as the environment, the design of screw pile foundation support system installation, basically has the following two ways, according to the installation environment and the characteristics of the stents can choose freely: 

1. the pile hammer into the ground 

2. by spiral pile 


1. the pile hammer into the ground 

good in installation site measurement distance, with driver will post directly into the underground, convenient and quick. needs to be done before installation, geological soil testing to determine the appropriate hammer into the depth. 

the following sections are suitable for pile hammer into the ground, according to the actual situation to choose: 


hammer pile system (h-beam, σ h finances, c payments) pile integration design, simple structure, with no welding, good compatibility, good ability to resist wind and snow pressure, installation 

high efficiency product features. 

all parts of the system using conventional specifications, standardized production, maximize control production costs and prolong the service life of components in the system. 

the whole system are hot dip galvanized processing surface, strong corrosion resistance. hammer pile system for various soil types of large power stations. 

product features: 

does zero welding: all parts connected by fasteners 

does the installation is convenient, simple structure, flexible operation, can be pre-installed 

does good compatibility: compatible with supporting system components of different arrangement 

does wide applicable scope: is suitable for various soil types 

does green environmental protection, no pollution, and can be recycled 

technical parameters: 



? speed, strong adaptability 

? cost-effective 

? is not restricted by seasonal temperatures, etc 

? pile pulling convenient, does not affect the installation site of reuse 

2. by spiral pile 

when the installation site is too hard, or is too much, is not convenient to post directly hammer into underground, can choose by spiral pile. screw-plug steel pipe into the underground, and the pipe is fixed on it. 



adaptable, flexible combination 

2 is not restricted by seasonal temperatures, etc 

3 pile pulling convenient, does not affect the installation site of reuse 

custom processing super fast installation from water from electric service life of 25 years 

a: during the installation process, by special screw pile driver installation, 3 minutes to complete a positioning installation of screw pile foundation. 

2: screw pile can be recycled after use, can effectively reduce the cost and reduce the pollution to the environment. 


taken the system features: easy installation and quick application extensive combination custom processing 

a, fast installation: photovoltaic stents special galvanized carbon steel rail connects to any location card and highly pre-installed rate and reduces the earth the installation time and cost. 

2, quality assurance, to the service life of 25 years and quality assurance is the design idea, the structure of all parts are of high strength stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloy, ensure material of high durability. tianfeng sun can support system according to the as/nzs 1170 and gb/t13912/2002 designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. system of main mechanical parts have been all kinds of testing to ensure that the structure bearing capacity. 

widely used: 

tianfeng support system suitable for all kinds of existing market general solar panels installed on the basis of the various types of ground, from small to large megawatt solar system for its service scope. 

taken the technical parameters: 

the installation location

the ground

installation angle

can design according to the installation site conditions

the wind strength

33m/s(grade 12 wind )



wind pressure


components are arranged

horizontal or vertical

component size


component category

with frame or without frame

support rail

steel hot-dip zinc material

parts material

high strength aluminum alloy  & 304 stainless steel

support color


quality guarant

the service life of 25 years

national standard

as/nzs 1170 or gb/t13912/2002

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