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heavy steel production line, annual output of 50000 tons

  adopt international advanced technology of heavy h-beam production equipment, production of h-beam can be widely used in steel structure industry workshop, steel structure platform, steel structure, steel structure bridge crane beam, large machinery and equipment, and other aspects of the society and economy, heavy steel capacity of 50000 tons.

box beam production line with annual capacity of 30000 tons    company has a wide application scope, high productivity, process rational layout of box beam production line, adopt international advanced technology production equipment, can be mass production of high quality box beams, many high-rise buildings are widely used in steel structure field, the annual output 30000 tons.

secondary processing production line

  adopt international advanced technology of hot-rolled h-beam secondary processing production line, the control system by computer numerical control system, photoelectric encoder, plc, etc. the line is made of h steel components machining precision can be formulated by the ministry of construction "technical specification for steel structure of tall buildings" (jcj99-98), an annual output of 20000 tons of hot-rolled h-beam.

rock wool board, polyurethane board, glass wool board, metal curtain wall plate production base

  main production rock wool board used in industry, energy-saving polyurethane board, glass wool board, cold storage board, duct, industrial doors, civilian integration of exterior wall thermal insulation decoration board, the company introduces many of the world's most advanced energy-saving plate continuous production equipment, capable of producing energy conservation plank production capacity of 5 million square meters, is one of the largest green energy-saving six provinces of central plate production base.

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